Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Book Excerpt of the Day

"Logan's Run is a classic dystopian sci-fi film that was quickly forgotten when Star Wars arrived in theaters a year later. Set in a far-off future of domed cities, holographic entertainments and sex without love, it's a chilling morality tale with disco-era fashions and feathered hair. Jerry Goldsmith's score is among the most electronic soundtracks to accompany a major movie of that era. For scenes inside The City, Goldsmith employs synths that gurgle, squeak and whoosh with atonal abandon. Elsewhere, particularly for scenes outside The City, Goldsmith uses acoustic orchestration (strings, piano, woodwinds) to represent the natural world."

– from Chapter 5: Sci-Fidelity and the Superhero Spectrum of Kristopher Spencer’s Film and Television Scores, 1950-1979

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